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If your business generates recyclable materials, International 纸 回收 can help you. Our experienced sales force and national brokerage network have a broad product expertise in both pre and post-customer materials to enable an efficient collection process and optimize the total value of your recyclables. We collect loose and baled fiber grades as well as non-fiber grades such as: 

  • 纸 

  • 纸板

  • 塑料 



纸板 and Box Cuttings 

International 纸 回收 collects cardboard packaging grades, such as Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) and New Double-Lined Kraft (DLK) corrugated cuttings/residuals, and places this fiber into our manufacturing system to create new paper based products. Since 2010, International 纸 has increased its recovery rate of corrugated packaging by 66%.



International 纸 回收 collects a variety of office paper grades and with NAID™ certified recycling facilities, we can help your business dispose of sensitive records and information reliably and securely. 


Magazine and Glossy 纸s 

International 纸 回收 collects printed and unprinted coated paper grades, such as Coated Book Stock (CBS), Coated Groundwood (CGW), 和杂志(OMG), 由薄片组成, 剃须 and 的书籍 and cuttings. 



International 纸 回收 collects printed and unprinted grades of uncoated newsprint, such as cutting and sheets of Old Newsprint (ONP) and White Blank News (WBN), and Sorted Clean News (SCN).


  • 纸板-and-Box-Cuttings
    Old Corrugated Containers (OCC)

    Consists of old corrugated cardboard boxes having liners of either test liner, jute or kraft. 

  • Sorted-White-Ledger
    Sorted White Ledger (SWL)

    包括无涂层, printed and unprinted sheets, 剃须, 的书籍, and cuttings of white groundwood-free ledger, 债券, writing and other paper which has similar fiber and filler content. 

  • HWEC
    Hard White Envelope Cuttings (HWEC)

    Consists of groundwood-free cuttings, 剃须 or sheets of unprinted, untreated and uncoated white envelope paper.

  • Sorted-办公室-纸s
    Sorted 办公室文件 (SOP)

    由纸张组成, as typically generated in the office environments, containing primarily white and colored groundwood-free paper, free of unbleached fiber. May include a small percentage of groundwood and computer printout and facsimile paper. 

  • Mixed-纸s

    由一个干净的, sorted mixture of various qualities of paper and paperboard, not limited to type of fiber content.